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People Can Improve Their Back Pain

Back pain doesn’t have to cost people their lives, recreational activities, or careers. It can be improved with the right kind of work and dedication.

When Will People Learn About Their Back Pain

I once heard a joke where the punch line is was, “well some of us are slow learners and some of us are no learners.” Sometimes I think the same thing in clinic about people with their back pain.

Low Back Pain

Back pain can limit everything we do and stop us in our tracks. It doesn’t have to be chronic, and there are ways to improve.

Chronic Low Back Pain – Sit Ups Are Not Going to Help

I love living in denial. So do many other people, especially people with chronic back pain.

Back Pain Is Usually More Than A Muscle Pull

The denial form of describing back pain is by saying, “Its just a muscle pull.” Then next sentence usually involves, “two months ago and it won’t get better.” IT IS NOT A MUSCLE PULL!

Sacroiliac Sprains – Common Cause of Low Back Pain

Sacroiliac Sprains cause many people chronic and debilitating pain. It can be aggravated with prolonged sitting, standing, walking, hiking, bending, or lifting. The pain is usually in form of a bulls eye, or “right there” kind of pain.

Shoulder Pain Is Often Caused by Weak Stabilizer Muscles

Injuries in the shoulder muscle occur when stabilizer muscles fatigue and fail. This can cause a shifting of forces or excessive strain on other muscles leading to pain and tendinosis.

Chronic Repetitive Stress Is Like Adding Pennies to a Penny Jar

We all don’t like to think of all the little things in life adding up or accumulating. They really do count against us in the world of chronic repetitive injuries. These injuries are like adding pennies to a penny jar.

Why Does My Back Hurt From Sitting

How hard of work can sitting be? Somehow my back hurts every time I sit for longer than an hour. Why does that happen and what can I do about it?

Know Your Treatment Options For Dealing With Low Back Pain

Many options for dealing with low back pain are inefficient, counter productive, addictive and dangerous. This article explains non invasive, safe, natural treatment options for treating and preventing low back pain.

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