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Medications for Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing lower back pain, you are probably eager to find out the various treatment options that are there to relieve the pain. Treatment options include exercises, medication, surgery, lifestyle changes and counseling among others. Treating lower back pain by use of medications is by far the most common form of treatment.

What Has Chronic Pain Taught You? A Different Perspective

Living with chronic pain is exhausting and frustrating. A forum poster invites people with chronic pain to take a break from the obtrusive negatives and consider what they have learned through their experience.

How to Improve Posture Quickly

Neck and upper back pain can silently creep up on you and it is usually at a time when you have the most amount of stress in your job or at home. Learning how to improve posture through simple stretches, trying a posture brace, and knowing how to hold yourself properly will help reduce the stress on your back.

The Fastest And Least Painful Way To Pass A Kidney Stone

It is thought that kidney stones form in some individuals due to changes in their diet and metabolism. When this happens, these people experience severe pain when the stone travels from a kidney through the narrow ureter to the bladder. While certain foods may certainly contribute to stone formation, scientists have not yet positively identified that eating any specific food causes stones in people who are susceptible. There are other factors that may affect stone formation as well such as fluid intake, body weight, food allergies, stress, genes, and environmental influences. Regardless of the cause, the effect remains consistently similar among the people that have them, and the debilitating pain is so intense that it often leads them to seek hospitalization for treatment and pain relief.

Could Fibromyalgia Be Linked To The Thyroid Gland?

While the cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown, some theorize that its symptoms could be caused by other underlying conditions. Hypothyroidism is one such condition.

Top 5 Lower Back Pain Stretches

Almost everyone suffering from lower back pain can benefit immensely from stretching. Even though it may take weeks or months for patients with ongoing back pain to mobilize the soft tissues and spine, they may find that sustained relief of lumbar backache will follow the increase in motion.

Sell Your Bed, Save Your Back – 5 Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock

You’d think that spending $2000 on a mattress with technology developed by NASA would guarantee better sleep and the end of back pain, but in both cases, science is on the side of a technology 500 years older; the hand-woven hammock. Here are 5 reasons sleeping in a bedroom hammock is great for you.

Find the Right Chiropractors to Help With Your Back Pain

Numerous people, who suffer from back pain, will regularly discover that once it starts, it can turn into an endless issue that is eliminate from their life. It might begin all of a sudden with no word of warning, or maybe you have been in a fender bender or encountered an alternate injury, which triggers it. People, may as well realize that tenderness is a forewarning sign that something is not right.

Relieve Lower Back Pain Naturally!

Are you suffering with lower back pain? The lower back, referred to as the lumbar region contains the vertebrae L1 – L5. It begins below the ribcage at L1 and ends just above the sacrum at L5. This is where most back pain is felt since it is the support section for the upper part of your body. There are so many reasons for lower back pain and many people suffer from it at some point in their lives.

Posture in Relation to Low Back Pain

Posture plays a key role in preventing low back pain. Everything is connected to everything in our body. For instance, an injury to the foot can cause the tissues to become tight and contracted. This tightness can travel all the way up to the head and cause headaches. This tightness travels along the myofascial trains of the body. This myofascial tissue acts like guy wires to hold our bodies upright and straight.

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