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Visiting the Doctor For Back Pain: What To Ask And Tell

Be prepared for your first back pain appointment. Learn about important questions to ask and information to give on the first visit.

Facts And Truths About Lower Back Pain

Pain affecting the back is a common symptom affecting people of all ages, races and gender. Laymen as well as scholars have advanced several myths about this condition but there are proven, scientific facts and truths about lower back pain.

A Helpful Guide To Exploring Back Pain Solutions

Back pain is one of the common complaints and millions of people experience different types of back pain. Most people experience back pain at least once in a life time and that is why it is important that you…

Back Support Belt for Work and Recreation

If you are recovering from a back injury or just looking to prevent one while at work a back support belt will do you good. In any scenario you will find it works like a posture brace holding your spine in alignment at all times.

Lower Back Pain and the Common Causes

The lower back belongs to part of the spine and is a complicated musculoskeletal structure which is made up of a network of different components; disorders or problems in any of the parts of the lower back could propagate and manifest as a syndrome of lower back pain. That is the reason why lower back pain could affect almost up to 80% of the population over their lifetimes. A myriad of causes of lower back pain with varying severity could be attributed to lower back pain symptoms. A typical muscular strain on the lower back could induce an immediate and great deal of pain compared to a more severe situation of spinal disc herniation or degenerative discs where only minor discomfort may be experienced. Hence it is crucial that one must describe the symptoms clearly and obtain an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes before pain relief could be administered.

Posture Brace Guide

You want a posture brace dependent on where you are having trouble with your spine. We will cover the different types of posture brace devices out there and what they are used for.

Do I Have to Suffer With Back Pain? There May Be Hope!

Most Americans live with back pain daily. Most of you may not know that you don’t have to live with back pain. Learn why you don’t need to suffer.

Treating Chronic Back Pain And Insomnia

Insomnia is common among people with chronic back pain. Learn how to safely manage sleep problems in the face of chronic pain.

Stomach and Lower Back Pain – Is There A Connection?

Can stomach pain and back pain be related? The answer is it depends. Recently a friend contacted me about having both stomach and back pain. Because of my own experience he was asking for my advice. The first bit of advice I gave him was that stomach and back pain could be serious and to call his doctor immediately.

3 Tips to Avoid Back Pain in the Morning

Nothing is worse than waking up from a great night’s sleep to take your first step out of bed, and stop dead-in-your-tracks from shooting back pain. What can you do to decrease your odds of having this dreadful event occur? Here are three tips to avoid back pain in the morning.

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