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Posture and Neck Pain – Improve It to Get Rid of It

Posture and pain. I don’t know how many times I talk about it a week. Poor posture quickly overwhelms muscles, tendons, and joints creating pain. Changing your postures and positions quickly decreases pain and fatigue.

Save Your Back (And Body!) From Too Much Sitting

What Happens If You Spend Your Days Sitting Down. Many, many studies have consistently shown that a sedentary lifestyle can cause you medical problems. It greatly increases the odds you will suffer pain, disease and lose years from your life.

What Is Scoliosis? Should I Be Worried?

As school starts around the country, many parents have concerns about backpacks and scoliosis screenings. What’s the truth?

How Automatic Thoughts Can Control Your Back Pain

In this short report; how the mind affects the body when it comes to back pain and our perception of the pain. This is not true in all cases but in some cases I feel that needs to be addressed and looked at. Is pain real in all cases of “back pain” or, is it that some of it might be the idea that our mind affects our pain? Let’s begin by looking at a sample of back pain sufferers that might fit into this category of back pain.

Tips on Cervical Traction

Cervical traction can be scary to some people because it is pulling your head away from your body. However, when done right, you will enjoy the whole experience. Here are some tips on how to do proper neck traction

Early Physical Therapy Increases Back Pain Recovery Odds

Back pain is so common that we often try to ignore it; severe pain, however, or pain that persists for weeks, is cause for concern. Physical therapy may be the best treatment route.

Tips For Students With Back Pain

Years of sedentary study and poor posture can lead to back and neck pain among students. Learn easy ways to relieve muscle tension and be more active as a student.

Health Benefits: Will Inversion Help You?

This article looks at whether inversion tables can be of benefit to you – and if so, how can they benefit you. What are the risks of inverting? Can it be worse for your back?

Back Pain and Prolonged Standing

We sure do stand a lot during the day. From brushing our teeth to standing in line at the grocery store, standing is a necessary evil. You have probably noticed that walking does not irritate your back anywhere near as much as standing. What can you do to make these times a bit easier on a painful back?

The Benefits of Functional Exercise

With all the different exercise programs out there, it can be difficult to decide where to start. Functional exercise offers distinct advantages.

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