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I Have Back Pain – Should I See a Chiropractor or an Osteopath?

When we first get back pain we try to ignore it for a while but when it gets to the stage of not being able to ignore it or get rid of it anymore we have a decision to make – should you go to see a chiropractor or should you go to see an osteopath? Firstly, what are the differences between the two and is one better than the other?

Combination Of Different Therapies Can Treat Chronic Pain

Unlike general back and leg pain, treating chronic pain is quite difficult. Numerous cases have been witnessed where a single treatment procedure did not help in getting rid of the pain.

The Medical Approach to Back Pain Is a Killer

I don’t take any joy in writing this article. It actually makes me pretty angry.

Causes, Prevention and Treatment Options For Low Back Pain

In this article you are going to find out about five causes of pain in the lower back, 12 ways to prevent back pain and the best ways to treat this health problem. Follow these tips for better life.

Stretching For Lower Back Pain When Exercising To Lose Weight

The best way to treat lower back pain is to avoid it in the first place; however, that’s nearly impossible with the demands modern life puts on our bodies. The good news is that there are stretching exercises for lower back pain that can bring much-needed relief. Note: You must always talk to your doctor about any health concerns, and follow their recommendations carefully.

Tips To Help Stop Back Pain Suffering

It is hard to go through life with back pain. The following advice is going to help back pain sufferers by providing some relief. Read through this article and find the tactics that will work for you. If you are working at a desk or another job that requires you to sit down, bringing in a foot stool can minimize the amount of back pain you feel over the course of a day. When you feel the onset of pain, elevate your feet with the stool. The elevation helps fight pain before it becomes a big problem.

Basics for Your Back

To stay alive and healthy, your back needs to move every day. The right kinds of motion nourish your back and help keep it flexible and free of pain. Moving improperly or too little, though, can lead to many back problems – problems that often begin in your discs, the ” shock absorbers” of your spine. Fortunately, almost everyone with back problems can benefit from self-care – even those who need surgery.

Using a Heating Pad for Sore Muscles

A hot bath when your back really hurts feels wonderful. However, it can be time and energy consuming when all you want to do is relax on your bed. Using a heating pad has really helped with my lower and upper back pain, and I review the different administration methods here.

Arachnoiditis: Cause of Nerve and Back Pain

Inflammation of a membrane surrounding the spinal cord can cause serious pain. Spinal surgeries and injections are leading causes of arachnoiditis.

Top 4 Occupations That Negatively Affects the Musculoskeletal System

Our musculoskeletal system consists of the bones, ligaments, tendons and many more that allows us to move around. Disorders to the musculoskeletal will affect our locomotion and will cause problems to our daily lives. Disorders are often due to cyclic stresses and strains caused by our daily activities.

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