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Poor Sleep May Lead to Pain: What You Can Do

If you have pain and trouble sleeping, don’t ignore the latter. Non-restorative sleep may be causing or exacerbating your pain.

Tips for Reading Your MRI Results

Many patients are confused and frightened by their MRI reports. The following tips can help you get a grasp on your results.

Dealing With Back Pain Problems

When left untreated, back pain can not only disrupt a person’s life, but it can also lead to permanent disability. To deal with this kind of pain therefore, people often seek pain management services and for those who do, it never takes long before they are able to return to their normal lives.

Advice On How To Manage Your Back Pain

One easy way to help alleviate back pain is to simply find a good heating pad. Wrap the heating pad around the back of your chair when you are sitting down, or lay on it while in bed. Doing this in small intervals throughout the day will greatly decrease your back pain.

Back Pain: Exercises To Do and Exercises To Avoid

Probably if you are like most people with back pain the last thing you want to do is exercise. At one time bed rest was the prescribed treatment for back pain. But since the 90’s physicians and therapists have recognized the importance of staying active as the best way to ease back pain and prevent a recurrence. After my back surgery the surgeon recommended that I immediately start exercising. The exercise he recommended was walking. As important as it is to exercise, it’s vital that you do the right exercises. Here is a list of the exercises to avoid and the exercises to do to relieve your back pain and strengthen your muscles.

Lumbar Support in Ergonomic Chairs

This article discusses what lumbar support is and why it is important. Lumbar support can provided by an ergonomic chair or a support pillow.

How Reflexology Improves Blood Circulation

For centuries in reflexology has been used to cure a variety of aliments. Reflexology is a key component of Asian medicine. The principle behind this practice is that specific areas of the foot that connect to a specific body part. For example putting pressure on the center of the foot stimulates the kidney. In the same manner pressure on the toes affect the ears and nose. It is believed that applying pressure on these and other areas of the foot can eliminated pain and increase blood.

A Guide to Drawing Reasonable Conclusions From Studies

Studies are important in many fields, but it’s easy to misuse or misinterpret them. This guide helps you steer clear of erroneous conclusions.

Why Hasn’t My Doctor Mentioned This Disc Herniation Solution?

We will be talking about the topic of intervertebral disc herniation in this piece. Within our spines we’ve all got twenty-four spinal bones, or vertebrae. There exists a connective tissue cushion or intervertebral disc between each of those spinal bones. The connective tissue ring around the exterior of the disc can start to fail. When the external, connective tissue layer of the intervertebral disc gets weakened it may lead to a simple bulge in the disc or the interior of the disc could actually squeeze out and lead to a disc herniation. Bulging disc or slipped disc are a few of the terms that are used to refer to a disc herniation.

How to Get a Stronger Back

Most of us leave pretty sedentary lives spending most of the time sitting in the car, at work and at home; as a result our back muscles are weak and we are plagued by back aches. However there is something you can do to counter an inactive lifestyle: Build a strong back.

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