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Costovertebral Joint Dysfunction: Cause of Rib, Chest and Upper Back Pain

Herniated discs aren’t common in the upper back. If you have radiating back and rib pain, it may be a sign of costovertebral joint dysfunction.

Stretch Right Now to Decrease Pain

Stretching is a simple exercise and activity that can be done to decrease your pain. So do it right now. I mean right now. Here are a few simple stretches for you to perform any time.

There Are More Than One Cause of Pain in the Low Back – Not Everything Is Muscle, Joint, or Disc

Low back or Lumbosacral sprains are a common source of pain. People often describe a dull and sharp pain at the base of their back. This is a very common place of pain and can often be improved.

Why Chiropractors Can Help to Ease Your Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, then you are not alone, in fact you are among over a million back pain sufferers in the United States alone. Getting relief from this pain can be a long and tiresome process that will consist of pain relief and even surgery if things get really bad. Unfortunately, taking pills and other medication for back pain can be problematic in itself, as it is easy to get addicted to modern day painkillers. That is why more and more people are being referred to Chiropractors by their doctors.

IDET For Pain Relief From Disc Herniation

Usually, conservative measures are sufficient to manage pain from herniated discs; for some, however, pain persists. Learn about a minimally-invasive surgical procedure for people with non-neurological disc pain.

Learn How To Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability. It is also one of the most common reasons for missed work. It is the seconding leading cause for a visit to the doctor. It is outnumbered only to upper respiratory tract infections. To avoid it, prevention is the key. It is easier to prevent back problems than waiting until after the problem is already there.

Can ChiRunning Help You Run Injury-Free?

ChiRunning promises injury-free running. Learn more about the technique and some common problems to avoid.

Lumbar Disc Herniation and Treatment Options

Treatment approaches for disc herniation varies from office to office. But the basics are the same. Decrease muscle spasms and pain. Improve joint motion and mobility, and find ways to decrease the herniation.

Potential Link Between Degenerated Discs and Clogged Arteries

A 15-year-old theory may provide insight into the cause of back pain in some people: clogged arteries. If the theory is accurate, diet is essential to back pain treatment and prevention.

Activities of Daily Living With Back Pain: Folding Clothes and Sweeping Floors

It is difficult to keep up with daily activities when you have a disability, even a temporary one such as intermittent or chronic back pain. One way to help yourself recover faster is to find the means of performing those activities without further frustrating yourself or irritating your back.

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