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10 Myths About Chiropractic and Chiropractors

There are a lot of conflicting views about chiropractors and in most cases there is no merit. Here are the top ten most common myths about chiropractors.

How To Ease Back Pain

Here are 5 top tips on how to ease back pain from someone who knows exactly how it feels to live with pain. Be reassured that it can be beaten with a little time and care.

Helpful Versatile Functions of Recliner Chairs and Adjustable Beds

Purchasing a rise and recliner chair or adjustable bed is an important step to take for any of those suffering with mobility issues. Offering an increased sense of individualism, the chairs and beds can be tailored to suit a range of requirements that couldn’t be matched by the more rigid design of a manual arm chair or bed.

Traditional and Alternative Therapies for Curing Sciatica

How you go about curing sciatica depends on the nature of the original problem. Sciatica is caused by an irritation or a pressure on the Lumbar-5 nerve, also called the sciatic nerve, which is a long nerve that runs from the lower back, through the buttocks, and into the legs. The irritation can be caused by changes of the structure of the vertebrae, the building blocks of the spine, from injury, or from the herniation, bulging, or rupturing of one of the vertebral discs.

Relieve Your Sciatica Pain

Pain relief for sciatica pain is a necessity for those who suffer from the condition. There are a number of techniques, both traditional and alternative, that will help you relieve your pain. Read more to find out what you can do to help yourself.

Lower Back Stretches And Back Pain

Back pain is a common occurrence suffered by so many people today. This is perhaps due to a lack in exercise and activity, or caused by a passed injury. Needless to say, there are several reasons we experience pain in the back but with the right treatment and lower back stretches, this pain can quickly subside or permanently go away. This article talks about the causes of back pain and basic lower back stretching exercises.

Back Pain With Rash A Sign Of Shingles

If you have back pain with a rash, you may have shingles. Learn what causes this condition, how to treat it and how to manage the pain.

What Is the Best Way to Lift an Object to Prevent Back Pain?

A correct lifting technique is essential to reduce the chances of getting back pain. The most commonly taught way of lifting is bending the legs to take the pressure off the back. Is this the correct way to lift an object? If so, why is it considered to be the gold standard of lifting?

Inversion Therapy May Help You Avoid Back Surgery

A number of studies and patient reviews support the use of inversion therapy as part of treatment for certain back pain causes. Learn how inversion can help relieve pain naturally.

I Think I’ve Slipped a Disc – What Does This Mean?

I’m sure that you have met someone who has ‘slipped a disc’ in their time and most probably they were in a terrible amount of pain. So what is a disc? Is it possible to slip it? Why does this slipping of the disc cause so much pain and discomfort?

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