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All There Is To Know About Slip Discs

The human spine consists of a number of disks that are present in between the bones or vertebrae that comprise the spine. These disks are also referred to as intervertebral disks. On occasion, they might move, rupture or even split. This abnormal condition is termed by the layman as a ‘slip disc’.

What Determines How Painful an Injury Is and Where the Pain Is Felt?

Pain is often the first thing to arrive and the last thing to leave. Also, pain often appears in areas that don’t seem to be related to the problem area. So, what is pain and what determines when and where it arrives?

The Pain Ladder Used While Suggesting Pain Management Treatments

Anyone who studied biology as a subject in school would agree to the fact that human body is highly complex. Every single cell in human body has a specific function to perform.

Neck and Back Pain – Is There a Single Cause?

In a back or neck pain episode the person who suffers always tries to pinpoint why it happened. More often than not there isn’t a simple answer. Back and neck pain occurs due a number of different reasons but the reason can always be categorised into one of the following:

7 Symptoms of Slipped Disc That You Should Be Aware Of

Slipped disc or herniated disc happens when a part of the disc in the spine ruptures and the gel in it leaks out. This will place stress and pressure on the surrounding nerves and cause pain and discomfort in the patient. Many patients have slipped discs without them even realising it.

Physical Therapy Can Significantly Alleviate Chronic Back Pains

Physical therapy has been known to assist many people in finding relief to their neck and back problems. This is often after having spent a lot of time and resources trying out most traditional medical solutions without success. This alternative health treatment plan presents not only an effective way of alleviating chronic back pains, but can also assists patients who need go through rehabilitation therapy. Most of whom have undergone multiple restorative surgeries.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care use continues to rise in the United States and around the world. The benefits of chiropractic care offers a wide array of benefits, that differ from classic medical care. One of the most distinct aspects of chiropractic care is it’s non-invasive methods of assisting the body in healing.

Which Profession Is Most Likely To Get Back Pain?

If you were to picture someone with back pain you would assume them to be either a builder or an electrician that does a lot of heavy lifting. However, new research by the British Chiropractic Association shows that office workers are the ones who suffer the most with back pain.

Two Ways To Relax Tight, Knotted Muscles

Back pain is often caused by muscle tension. Learn about myofascial release and active stretching.

How Do We Stop This Back Pain Epidemic?

A recent survey by Mintel has shown that one in three young adults suffer with back pain. Why is it that in this day and age so many people are suffering?

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