Paraplegic lady with service dog vs adaptive walking exercise

Back Pain When Sitting

Modern life entails long periods of sitting. Learn common causes of sitting back pain and ways to relieve it.

A Spondylolisthesis Exercise Technique You Must Try

Stretching and exercise are two common prescriptions for individuals who suffer spondylolisthesis. However, one exercise technique or practice that you might not know about can be just as effective in helping you feel better. This technique is called foam rolling.

Middle Back Pain Information – Relieve Your Backache Today!

There are numerous treatments for middle back pain. What works for one individual may not help another out. Treatment will be based on: The severity of your symptoms, the rate of which your symptoms prevent you from daily living, as well as how other treatments, such as home back pain treatment, have worked for you in the past.

Should You Learn To Live With Back Pain?

Of course you can live with the pain, it’s the effects of the stress you can’t live with. How many times have you heard that stress causes health problems? Modern medical science finally has an answer.

Understanding the Most Common Types of Back Pain

There are several types of back pain and several different causes. Here, we examine a few different types of back pain and suggest potential chiropractic treatment options.

How To Treat Sciatica – Exercises For Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition wherein a person experiences pain in the lower back. It can be treated by doing specific exercises. The guidance of a doctor or chiropractor is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the exercise routines.

Finding the Best Back Pain Solution for You

Looking for a back pain solution? Take these tips into consideration to find what’s best for you!

Natural Cure For Lower Back Pain And Muscle Spasm

Did you know you have over 600 muscles in your body? Muscles are the most commonly overlooked cause of low back pain. Discover which ones are responsible for the pain in your lower back when you read this helpful article.

Bulging Discs Symptoms

Bulging disc is an ailment where the surface of the intervertebral disc, also called annulus fibrosis, protrudes beyond regular limitations. In many instances, it won’t result in any sort of troubles to the individual with damaged disc since it doesn’t reach a nerve root or even the spinal cord. There are 2 primary methods of medical procedures to correct this condition. one is the open back or neck surgery, and second option is endoscopic procedure which provides faster recuperation along with less potential risks and without hospitalization as it is minimally invasive.

How to Avoid Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain Caused By The Bag You Carry

Whether you carry a purse, handbag, computer bag or brief case, your carry-along may be causing strain to your body. Learn what bags to carry and how to carry them to avoid repetitive use injury.

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