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Long-Term Care Plan Improves Return-To-Work Rates For Back Surgery Recipients On Workers’ Comp

Patients with workers’ comp have low return-to-work rates following back surgery. A study finds that long-term attention to psychological health, medication use and exercise improves rates.

Upper Back Pain – How to Recognize and Solutions Available

Pain in the upper back is bothersome; sometimes even more excruciating than the discomfort in the lower spine or the neck. Back pain in the higher part is not a desired sensation; this can easily result in substantial distress and will need to be managed in a meticulous manner.

Femoral Acetabular Impingement: Cause of Hip Pain in Children

With a plethora of potential causes, hip pain can be hard to diagnose. Learn about one potential cause of pain in children that calls for early treatment.

Back Pain Causes and Treatments

Back pain can be caused by any one of a number of reasons. It can be caused by excessive exercise, bad posture, strain or muscle spasms. In more severe cases, it can be caused by fractured vertebrae or ruptured discs. People above the age of 30 are more prone to it and the lower back is the portion that is most commonly affected. Sometimes the pain may be nagging and constant but dull while in other cases, the affected person may experience sudden and sharp pain that lasts only for a few seconds.

Chiropractic Specialists Help to Keep the Spinal Column Healthy

When individuals have an issue with their back, a few of them will simply put up with the discomfort or visit their family physician thinking that she or he can do something about the pain. A family physician can only do so much, and he or she might suggest that the patient go to see a physician that specializes in backache treatment, also known as a chiropractor.

Platelet-Rich Plasma: Evidence in Favor of Effectiveness for Certain Injuries

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, has been subject to lots of hype and, until recently, little research. This month research became available to support the effectiveness of PRP for certain injuries.

Spinal Fusion and Conservative Treatment Yield Comparable Results for Disc-Related Back Pain

With its risks, recovery time and cost, spinal fusion is a last resort. A study suggests that it may not outperform conservative care.

Dealing With Lower Back Pain Relief Measures

As you grow older, you start experiencing aches in different joints of your body. This makes you less productive and sickly. Pain in the back is linked with the lower lumbar spinal area, vertebral discs, spinal cord and related nerves, bone and ligament present in the spine, back muscles, stomach and organs in the pelvic region, and the skin around the tissues.

Dynamometer Helps Personalize Spinal Stabilization Exercise Programs

Stabilization exercises can help relieve and prevent back pain. A device that measures muscle strength can help identify where you need work.

Chiropractic Care for the Aging Population

As the aging population has a growing need for healthcare solutions, a chiropractic career can improve quality of life. Students in chiropractic college may prepare for working with the specific attributes of their older patients.

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