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Yoga for Low Back Pain?

Yoga is good for back pain because it corrects muscle imbalances in the body. Poor posture will put stress on your body and set you up for repeated back injuries. You may have been advised to work only on the abdominal and back muscles. Although it is good to be strong in the core muscles of the body, weak leg muscles and pelvic muscles can also contribute to poor posture, causing stress on the pelvis and lower back.

MRI for Bulged or Slipped Disks, Is It Really Needed?

Do you really need an MRI or a CAT scan for your bulged disk or slipped disc? This is the discussion I was having with a distant relative yesterday at a BBQ at a friend back yard. The discussion immediately caught the attention of others who were standing nearby, and the circle grew to a few current or past back pain sufferers.

Health Insurance – It Is A Necessity

Why do you need health insurance? Here is just one reason and trust me I can tell you that I have been in so much pain that the only thing that would cure my pain was Health Insurance. Have you ever had such bad back pain that you were unable to get out of bed?

The Best Treatment for Back Pain Caused By Traffic Accidents

Drivers or passengers may only feel stiff and shocked after a traffic accident and appear to be uninjured. However, it is not uncommon for traffic accident injuries to be unfelt for weeks or months to come. When people begin to sense their pain, it usually starts in their back or neck and is accompanied by tension and headache. The symptoms can worsen over time and eventually prevent him or her from performing normally. Many people suffer these types of pain without even realizing that it has resulted from a seemingly small traffic accident. These people go on without proper diagnostics and resort to using painkillers to lessen their pain. If have recently been into an accident, you could do well to visit a doctor who specialize in soft tissue and structural damage as such with traffic accident injuries.

What You Need To Know About Pain In Lower Right Back

A number of scientific studies revolving around the pain in lower right back, revealed that the pain was basically a combination of a sacro iliac joint that tightens. It may also be caused when some spinal joints tighten as well as when the pelvis is out of balance since, this will trigger certain points in the quadratus lumborum. For more details read more.

Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF): Risks of Spinal Surgery

ALIF is often performed to treat pain from degenerative discs. Learn the risks of this surgical procedure as well as alternative treatments.

Why You Have Back Pain and What You Can Do About It: The Dangers of Sitting

Repetitive sitting damages your back more than physically demanding tasks, and places your body at a greater risk for low back pain. Learn an easy tactic on how you can prevent back pain by combating the negative effects of excessive sitting.

Three Easy, Unknown, Ways to Stop Your Back Pain

There are three ways you are likely hurting your back everyday. Learn what they are, and the techniques to stop it.

Good Posture Can Prevent Bad Back Pain

Contrary to popular belief, sitting or standing upright with your shoulders and head thrown back and your spine kept straight with your legs locked is not good posture. In fact, holding this position regularly is as harmful as slouching. Instead, a proper posture will maintain the natural curves of the spine.

Finding a Chiropractor Online for Back Pain

Many of people sustain injuries due to car accidents or because of recurring arthritis, back pain and headaches. A nearby physician or the medicines that are stocked in the medicine cabinet are merely ineffective sources of relief. What people do not know is that their pain and other discomfort can be relieved much more efficiently and effectively if they contact a local chiropractor.

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