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2 Popular Ab Exercises That Hurt Your Back

Not all exercises are creating equally. Learn about two exercises that put your back at risk along with alternative exercises to tone your stomach and save your back.

How Do I Know If I Have a Pinched Nerve?

If a nerve receives too much pressure by surrounding tissue, a pinched nerve may occur. A pinched nerve is when a nerve is damaged or weakened, resulting in pain, tingling sensations, a sense of numbness, and feelings of weakness in and around the area. It can happen in several areas in the body, including your leg and wrist.

Back Pain on the Rise in the UK

Back pain is on the rise in the UK and Europe at large. Why is this happening, what do studies reveal and how can we reverse this trend.

Studies Show Activity Is Important For Back Pain Recovery

When you have back pain, it may seem best to rest. However, recovering from persistent back pain requires an active lifestyle.

Back Pain Tips for a Couch Potato

Last week my 5 year old son wrote his name in ink pen on our couch because he said he “needed to know where to sit”. Somehow that made me think about how many people I treat who have low back pain because they live a couch potato lifestyle.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain – Last Resort When Every Other Attempt Fails

When every other attempt fails, the last resort for people suffering with back pain or lower back pain is chiropractic treatment. A chiropractic treatment for back pain is a non-invasive technique that provides quick relief from chronic and acute back pain.

End Chronic Pain and Start Real Healing With the Three Steps of Spinal Rejuvenation

A three step system of posture and spinal correction, a specialized style of corrective chiropractic, gets results when standard medical, physical therapy or other ordinary methods have proven insufficient. Many patients with chronic pain finally seek corrective chiropractic care after many trips to the pharmacy for over-the-counter and prescription drugs, multiple physical therapy visits and epidural cortisone injections. They often arrive as a last resort, one step before surgery in serious need of help, seeking lasting relief and real healing…

Desktop Elevators for People With Back Pain

A lot of people complain of severe back troubles when they are working at the office. The problems are found in sitting at the same place for long hours and working on computers that can strain your back in various different ways. This is the main reason and people are often advised to learn what the best sitting posture is that will help them out.

Chiropractic for Children

You may wonder why chiropractors mention that they can help children and babies. After all, babies and children don’t normally complain of having sore backs, and they usually recover from injuries and illnesses very quickly. However, not all the injuries they received just went away! Instead, the body simply adapted to them. In some cases, the injuries have remained. These injuries then slowly make conditions that become serious problems in adulthood. So what can chiropractic do for children? Read on to find out.

Tips to Prevent Aggravating or Triggering Sciatica During The Holidays

The holiday season is filled with parties, people and presents – At least for many of you who have been preparing for Christmas, since… well maybe even before… Thanksgiving! For some, the holidays may be less joyous, as many injuries occur during this time as well. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 5,800 back injuries out of more than 50,000 annually, occur during the holidays. Putting up Christmas lights is more dangerous than you’d think! So before rushing into your holiday preparations, take a look at these tips to help you avoid aggravating a pre-existing conditions such as sciatica, or to avoid developing a new injury that may send you off to spine surgery this coming year:

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