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Relearning Proper Posture As We Age

Back pain to some degree has affects many people around the world, some estimates say as many as 80%. There are many causes for this, such as injury or overuse that damage ligaments, joints and muscles. This can cause pressure on nerves in the spinal canal, and can lead to serious troubles. But many of our problems with back pain are caused by improper posture, and fortunately there are measures we can take to lessen and even eliminate this pain.

Does Your Doctor Receive Kickbacks From Pharmaceutical Companies?

How many surgeries and prescriptions are ordered not for our health, but for the kickbacks received by health professionals? A new website lets you find out what doctors are cashing in.

Lower Back Exercises and Stretches

Ah, the lumbar, the low back, the sacroiliac, the original PITA, the reason most people need back problem solutions. Most of us have had issues with our low back at one time or another. For some of us lower back pain is a regular event. Most low back pain is caused by the muscles trying to maintain stability in our low back. But, why is there any instability in the first place?

Gluteus Activation For Back Pain Treatment

The muscles of the buttocks have a number of important tasks to perform. If you sit for long periods of time, you don’t likely have strong gluteal muscles.

Thank Goodness for Back Braces

There are many jobs and professions that require the use of the back. Some jobs and professions require more use of the back than others. Factory jobs and sports can be high on the list as jobs that need a strong back.

Steroids May Not Increase Effectiveness of Spinal Injections

Steroid injections are a highly common pain management method for patients with spinal pain. A new study suggests that steroids may not be the real active ingredient.

Problems With Back Pain? Try Sleeping in a Hammock

The vast majority of us in America are overweight, under-rested, and have at least mild and occasional, if not chronic, back problems. For being the wealthiest country in the world and surrounded by 21st century technology that may be a bit surprising.

Time to Trade in Your Mattress (and Back Pain) for a Hammock?

Anybody out there who doesn’t love a relaxing nap in a hammock? No. Didn’t think so, but here’s another reason to love hammocks even more: A hammock is good for your back.

How Chiropractors Can Help With Back Pain

Millions of people suffer from a number of different aches and pains every day. Some of those aches and pains are minor and temporary. Others are easily remedied using creams and ointments, massage, or through pain pills. When none of these options works, especially when it comes to the pains that people suffer with relation to their back, they seek out the assistance of a professional that is trained in helping people ease their pains.

Does Sitting Put You at Risk for a Back Injury at Work?

With regular commutes, meetings, computer tasks, or business travel, each workday tightens up your back. Incrementally this tightness will reconfigure your structure, decrease its shock-absorbing flexibility, create pain, and predispose you to injury. This problem won’t go away by itself but a fast, easy, consistent solution is better than common back exercises!

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