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Cervical Spinal Facet Joint Injuries and How Chiropractic Can Help

Cervical Spine Facet Joint Injuries are very common in auto accidents. See how Chiropractic can help the healing process.

Sit to Standing Workstations for Those Suffering From Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is a disorder that affects the musculoskeletal system. This disorder affects nearly 80% of the people and it is the number one reason why American workers miss work. This includes blue and white collar workers.

The Importance Of Highly Experienced Spine Surgeons

A spinal surgery is one of the most complex and delicate surgeries that can be performed. Not only does it need a lot of skill, it also needs to be performed by a team of experienced surgeons.

Chiropractic Cervical Adjusting and Acute Care Versus Wellness Care

Article about Chiropractic cervical adjusting, how it helps and what it does. Also the benefits of wellness care versus acute care.

Advanced Solutions For Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed back surgery syndrome is a disorder that arises after an unsuccessful back surgery. Thankfully, there are now several treatments available to reduce or eliminate the pain caused by this common ailment.

Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Need Addressing In Treatment Of Back Pain

A person’s beliefs about pain may prevent him or her from healthy activity. Learn about the prevalence and potential impacts of fear-avoidance beliefs for back pain patients.

The Benefits of Weight Loss for Back Pain Relief

Obesity is a growing epidemic that has affected both adults and children around the world. It is a condition where the fat tissues of the body are more than the required Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30. For instance, a 5 feet, 7 inches tall male and weighs 220 pounds have a BMI of 34 and is considered obese. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyles are known to lead to obesity. In turn, obesity significantly contributes to risk factors of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. However, not everyone is aware that obesity is also the number-one contributor to back pain.

The Link Between Crohn’s Disease And Lower Back Pain

Crohn’s disease is associated with a number of symptoms including lower back pain. Learn the main causes of back pain in Crohn’s patients and what you can do to relieve pain.

Chiropractic Solutions for Prenatal Back Pain

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. She is growing another human being inside her body. Unfortunately, this period also comes with a lot of aches and pains. So much so that many women can find it hard to walk by the time, they are 28 weeks. Before the pain becomes severe, you will want to take the time to contact a prenatal chiropractor who can manipulate your body, easing the symptoms.

Avoiding Back Pain With Yard Work

Yard work and maintaining the lawn is a good stress reliever for some people. Many homeowners enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice.

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