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When One Pain Leads To Another

The subject can be described in different ways. It could be a chain reaction. It could be described as the Domino Effect. And it could also be true when the phrase rhymes up with the subject by saying “one thing leads to another.” When pain occurs in the body, it can be an awfully uncomfortable feeling.

Please! No More Lower Back Pain

Back pain symptoms can be as minor as a dull ache or as painful as a stabbing sensation. Injury, heavy lifting, and sleeping on a sagging mattress can all lead to back pain. This type of pain can make daily tasks and sleeping very uncomfortable and sometimes impossible.

Increasing Protein Intake: Same Weight Loss, Less Muscle Loss

Losing excess weight can help relieve back pain, but results may be diminished if you’re losing muscle tone. Eating more protein and exercising while dieting helps you keep more muscle than exercise alone.

What Is a Herniated Disc and What Are the Symptoms?

What is a herniated disc? Though the problem is quiet common the world over, many people do not know the answer to this question. They only know it is causing them a lot of pain.

Activities of Daily Living: Lifting

Many articles about living with back pain offer advice that is only relevant when you are in a painful state. Some of these tips may not be necessary when your back doesn’t hurt. However, for the activity of lifting, you should it the same way whether your back hurts or not, whether you are in condition or not.

If You Have Back Pain From No Identifiable Cause, How Can Exercise Help You Relieve That Back Pain?

Back pain is something that afflicts all ages and sexes across the world but very often, no specific reason can be found for it. Back pain causes people to consult their doctors and take time off work and to restrict their lifestyles, however, exercise as an antidote to backpain is hugely underestimated and the introduction of exercise into daily lifestyles should be seen as a major factor in the recovery and prevention of backpain.

Causes, Treatment and Management of Lower Back Pain

There are 3 primary types of back pain. Which one do you have?? While the symptoms of each may, initially, be similar, determining the exact cause is crucial to correct management…

Walking Back Pain Away

A friend was telling me recently that the worst thing he had done to his back when younger was replace his roof by himself. The worst part of that was brushing on an area of flat roof.

Central Cord Syndrome, The Symptoms

Central cord syndrome is a common ailment that occurs in the spine. It is characterized as an injury that leads to the arms and hands being impaired; a more extreme version would lead to the impairment in the legs. The injury is caused by the brain’s inability to receive and send signals properly to and from these parts of the body through the spine.

Infuse System For Spinal Fusion: Good News and Bad News

Infuse contains bone morphogenetic protein, a substance that increases the success of spinal fusions but comes with unique risks. A recent study suggests, contrary to other studies, that cancer is not one of these risks.

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