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The Composition of Nerve Pain

Pain is a peculiar thing. Some might say funny, but it’s not an entertaining thing – unless you have a really odd sense of humor. What is interesting is that pain is really a trick played on us by our mind to get us to do something. Let’s look at the composition of pain to see if we can learn to listen to its message.

Orthopaedic Chairs

Orthopaedic chairs are designed to support the user when seated, encouraging the most optimum seating position to minimise stress and strain from the spine. Also known as ergonomic chairs, they are designed with posture and support as their main objectives.

3 Common Reasons For Spondylolisthesis Back Pain During Exercise

Exercise is a common prescription to help reduce and prevent back pain. But what if you are having pain during exercise? Before stopping your exercise routine, make sure you are avoiding these common mistakes to maximize the benefits and reduce the pain.

What Is The Best Exercise For Spondylolisthesis?

When diagnosed with a spondylolisthesis people tend to rush to the internet to search for the one exercise that will cure all the pain. Unfortunately, there is no magic exercise, the right exercise depends on several factors.

Flip Flops Can Cause Back Pain

Flip flops are a favorite of many in warm weather. Learn why this type of shoe is not designed for everyday use.

Back Pain and the Link to Posture and Core Stability

There are various natural ways to alleviate back pains. Stretching and toning back muscles to ensure good posture and core stability is the key to positive relief.

Release Your Back Pain With Stamina 1205

The stamina 1205 rowing machine comes with great features which will help the user to efficiently use the machine and achieve all they require for their exercises. Rowing will greatly help the individual to get the very best when it comes to maintaining cardiovascular fitness. Those with back problems will have their problems solved when they start using this rowing equipment. It will help to stretch muscles of your legs and those of your buttocks.

Back Pain When Coughing

Prolonged periods of coughing can cause back pain. Learn about the types of back pain caused by coughing and how to manage them.

Scoliosis and Golf

“Is scoliosis and golf a good idea?” That seems to be a recurring question in my practice. Before I address it, first consider “what is scoliosis?

Ways to Overcome Back Ache and Still Exercise

Inactive muscles lead to obesity, and it makes it more difficult to keep your weight down if you are fighting back pain. Obviously the best way around this problem is to make sure the back area is properly kept in shape, and keeping the back area strong with your physical fitness programs will be great preventive maintenance.

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