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The Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Offers Ideal Help

Almost one-half of Americans regularly suffer from back pain that comes in varying degrees of severity. Underlying causes of stiffness, pain, and muscular and nerve-related discomforts are so diverse that no single cure-all currently exists for all patients’ back pain. An inversion table is an innovative remedy that is effective for alleviating all types of back discomfort.

Why Use Ergonomics At Work?

What are Ergonomics? Ergonomics focus around the relationship between employees and their workspace. It is aimed at improving health and safety and ensuring workers are at the most optimum position for working at all times.

The Myth Behind Low Back Pain

If you are over the age of 30 there is an 8 in 10 change you will suffer from lower back pain. What do you do when it comes on? Read about the myth about lower back pain.

Treatments for Back Pain After Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion surgery is a popular procedure performed on patients with disc-related back pain, but it can actually cause further disc degeneration throughout the spine. Learn about different treatments options for adjacent segment degeneration.

Self Care Sciatica Treatment

People that experience pain from sciatica are often very limited in what they can and cannot do especially when it comes to activities. For those that experiences sever pain should avoid lifting heavy items and should not bend excessively. Always sit on supportive couches and chairs as well as sleep on firm mattresses.

Address Spondylolesthesis and Radiculopathy Issues With Laser Procedures

It is evident that the need to stay healthy has become a lot more critical with the imposition of the recent “austerity measures”. As our able governments cuts public spending and subsidies, being able to afford healthcare facilities has become a lot more challenging for an average Joe. However, despite of this fact, not many of us have the time to take care of our personal well-being, resulting in a number of issues with one of the most commonly found ones being back pain.

How To Treat Your Own Back Pain

Let’s face it, getting back pain seems to be a heck of a lot easier than getting rid of it. Nonetheless, with a bit of effort, it can be done. But, ‘done’ is the operative word here. Treating your own back pain takes doing. It takes focused action, and enough desire so that you sacrifice time that otherwise might be spent doing something more pleasurable. Of course, what you need to do depends upon why you have the back pain to begin with, right? I mean that if you got hit by a truck, you would approach the problem in a different way than if you ‘slept wrong’.

My Aching Back

You bend over to pick up a piece of paper when it hits – that pain in your lower back. You try an over-the-counter pain medication, but it doesn’t help. Now what do you do?

Fix Your Own Back Pain, Quickly And Easily

Fix your own back pain, quickly and easily. Skip the doctor visits and the drugs, save your money and end your painful frustration. As a chiropractor and a certified acupuncturist for 15 years, I know that you can indeed fix your own back pain easier than you realize.

Back and Body Roller

As a chiropractor I’m always looking for different ways to explain just what it is I’m trying to accomplish to the patient as far as what is going on when an adjustment is delivered and what I am trying to accomplish as an end result. The Back and Body Roller’s end result as far as assisting in inducing spinal motion back into the vertebrae is the same as what we do as chiropractors when we do an adjustment, the Back and Body Roller just does it more passively by gently rolling over the high center therapy balls that are located in the center of the device.

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