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Back Pain Relief and Prevention: Gardening Guidelines and Exercises

As wonderful as it is, gardening can take a toll on your back and cause some serious lower back pains if you are not careful. Here are some guidelines and exercises for back pain relief and prevention while gardening or doing yard work.

Central Disc Herniation – Do You Really Need a Doctor?

Do treatments really work or is there something you can do at home that works better? Many people believe you can cure yourself.

Knots In Your Back Muscles? Don’t Stretch Just Yet

Stretching is part of a healthy lifestyle, but if you have knots in your muscles called trigger points, then stretching is not the answer. Learn how to treat muscle knots and what to avoid.

Chiropractic Widely Accepted For Back Pain

The most common reason people visit a chiropractor is for the treatment of back pain. Many Americans experience back pain for various different reasons. Back injury is common for working Americans. It is one of the most common reasons for loss of work. It is also the second most common reason for a doctor’s visit. It is next only to upper respiratory infections. Most back problems are not the result of wear and tear on the spine that often occurs after a duration of several years. Almost everyone will experience back pain at some time during their life time.

Lower Back on the Pain Right Side: Causes and Treatment

Most people experience some pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain right side can have several causes, such as injuries, poor posture or sciatica. There are several ways to find pain relief and the right treatment depends on the cause of your pain.

Understanding Lower Back Pain – Its Causes and Treatment

For anyone who is suffering from lower back pain, finding the most immediate relief for the condition is like finding a treasure. Being well informed about the condition will help anyone manage the condition more easily.

How To Relieve Back Pain Using Lower Back Exercises

For some strange reason most therapists want to rub, crunch, heat and vibrate the place in your back where it’s painful. However the underlying cause of the pain is likely to be tight hamstring, buttock and hip flexor muscles. Loosen these muscles off and the pelvis and the bones above it will gradually get back into better alignment. You pain will go away.

The Major Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is very prevalent in our society today. It affects most people at some point during their lives. It can be very painful and hinder people’s ability to perform the normal activities they enjoy. It can prevent one from activities such as golfing, gardening or even playing with grandchildren. It can even hinder simple activities like putting on a pair of pants. Almost all activities we perform involve the use of our back. Most back problems are the result of wear and tear over years rather than a specific injury. How you sleep, sit and eat can all lead to back pain.

Back Pain – The Science of Back Pain

Each year, many Americans suffer from lower back pain. Ninety percent of the adult population suffers from this musculoskeletal condition at least once during their lifetime. Participants who regularly visited a Chiropractor were more satisfied with their treatment plan than those being treated by another type of healthcare provider.Anyone suffering from this pain should consider chiropractic spinal manipulation as a treatment before deciding on a course of action. This article discusses some of the research supporting chiropractic manipulation for the treatment of lower back pain.

Reflexology Relieves Back Pain

Reflexology is an effective and fast solution to back pain. It is an ancient drugless way of helping the body to release endophins, a natural pain killer and restore balance to the body.

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