Stem Cell Therapy For Treating Multiple Sclerosis Disease

Stem Cell Therapy For Treating Multiple Sclerosis Disease

Multiple Sclerosis is also referred to as MS in short. It is a sort of a disorder which was first sighted in 1868. However, the exact cause for the disease is still not known. The researchers are of the belief that many reasons can be there for this disease. These causes can start form minor signs that cannot be even recognized. These days the people who are suffering from the Multiple Sclerosis disease can rest in peace as a cure known as stem cell therapy for MS has been recognized all over the world.

Stem Cell Therapy For Treating Multiple Sclerosis DiseaseIn this therapy for Multiple Sclerosis treatment, the stem cells are injected in the body of the patient. These stem cells are known to be immature cells which can be obtained from the placental cells. They also have the ability to develop into many different types of cells. After this they are instilled in the human body. They then begin to secrete a growth factor. They help to form new blood cells which are healthy and they can also replace the damaged cells which is causing the disease in the person. These stem cells keep on diving unless and the disease causing cells have been fully replaced with the healthy cells. This is how the stem cell therapy for Multiple Sclerosis treatment provides the people with a cure for this dreaded disease without the need for any sort of a painful surgery. Asides from this treatment is also cost effective when compared with the other treatments and is also considered to be safe in all possible aspects.

Different Varieties of MS: The Multiple Sclerosis disease is of many types. The common ones being highly active and also the severe MS.

How do they work? Scientists are of the belief that stem cells may, one day be used in the treatment of the Multiple Sclerosis disease. Two different ways are there in which they might be useful:

The stem cells in Multiple Sclerosis treatment can be used to replace or repair damaged tissue in the body. Its major function would be the repair of Multiple Sclerosis damage in the spinal cord and the brain via the regeneration of myelin and protection of nerve fibers from damage. The stem cells in Multiple Sclerosis treatment can also be used to replace the immune system so as to avoid further damage in MS.

With the rise in the stem cell therapy in Multiple Sclerosis treatment the people now have some hope that this new technology will help them in curing this chronic and fatal disease.


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