Stem Cell Therapy Autism

Autism is a dreadful disorder, which affects an individual’s ability to communicate and associate with others. Generally the symptoms are detected in the first three years of the child’s life. In the United States, 1 in 166 people are affected by this disease.

Autism Stem CellsAutism is known as the complex brain disorder. This disorder can cause some problems such as the difficulty in communication which can lead to impaired social interactions. In addition, this kind of disorder can cause the acts of obsessive repetition or routine.

The general problem which most of children with autism face is hypoxia. This problem is mainly caused by the condition in which the brain is lack of oxygen. It can cause the immune system not to work appropriately as those with sufficient oxygen.

There are several treatments that are innovative as well as alternative therapies introduced and used over the years.
An example is stem cell therapy with successful results in almost 80% of treated patients.

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