Treatment Of The Meniere’s disease

Treatment Of The Meniere’s disease

Meniere’s disease is a sort of a condition with vertigo, tinnitus (buzzing, ringing, and noises in the ears) and deafness. This disease is said to have been caused by a dysfunction of the endolymphatic sac which in simple terms is known as the semi-circular canals which are located in the inner ear and it is also known as labyrinth.

Treatment Of The Meniere's diseaseMenieres Disease Symptoms: Menieres Disease has three basic symptoms. However, the symptoms may differ from person to person, the common denominators usually are:

  • Vertigo: This symptom is the result of excessive fluid accumulation in the inner ear which is a very unpredictable and terrifying symptom of the disease.
  • Partial Hearing Loss: This symptom can be experienced in either one or both ears or that too with low-toned sounds.
  • Tinnitus: It is s symptom caused by the A ringing sensation on one or both ears.

Why do people get Ménière’s disease? There are lots of theories which exist as to what causes Ménière’s disease. However, there are no definite answers available.

There people who are of the opinion that Ménière’s disease can be caused by constrictions in the blood vessels very much like that cause migraine headaches. Since the disease which appears to run in the families. This disease can also be caused by genetic variations which are enough to cause abnormalities in the regulation of endolymph fluid or the volume of hearing.

What is the diagnosis for the Ménière’s disease? It is the otolaryngologist who will diagnose the Ménière’s disease. He is also commonly known as the nose, ear, and throat doctor, or the ENT doctor. However, there is no single test or symptom which the otolaryngologist can utilize in order to make a proper diagnosis. The diagnosis will be based on your medical history and the presence of:


  • Two or more symptoms of vertigo lasting for at least twenty minutes each
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • There is a feeling of fullness in the ear

Stem cell therapy treatment: We can consider the Stem cell therapy as the utilization of stem cells in the Meniere’s disease treatment or condition. They are also regarded as cells that can develop into many different or specialized cell types.

The Stem Cells Therapy for Meniere’s disease is the process of involving bone marrow transplant that has been in vogue many years. A lot of success has been reported in the re-growing of the cochlea hair cells due to the use of the embryonic stem cells.

This treatment has managed to give a new life to people suffering from Meniere’s disease

Treatment Of The Meniere’s disease